Bazar Mangal

Bazar Mangal

Three-storey restaurant on Sretenka. In Bazar Mangal, chicken, lamb, beef kebabs, as well as salmon, tofu and vegetables are fried over an open fire. In the tandoor, hot yeast-free cakes are baked here, to which it is advised to take various meze, halloumi and falafel. The Bazar Mangal restaurant occupies 3 floors: on the first one you can sit at narrow tables along the walls or at round tables near panoramic windows, here there is an open kitchen with barbecue, on the second floor there is a spacious hall with standard seating, on the third there is a tent and art Nomad space. Three dozen wines, liqueurs and cocktails have been collected in the Bazar's bar list.

Our company manufactured and installed the following equipment:

- Alphatone Secunda Speaker System

- Alphatone ATR-Q4 Power Amplifiers

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