In the newest history of New Holland in the building of the Forge, the club and restaurant Kuznya House is located, which became the heart of the social and cultural activity of the island.


In the age of the Internet and the opportunity to work remotely, such concepts have become a second home for people. Restaurants and clubs in modern reading have long ceased to fulfill their function in its pure form - to feed and entertain people. Here you can spend time almost around the clock: organize meetings, communicate, work, listen to music and, of course, eat and drink deliciously. Thus, Kuznya House should become the second home for all participants and guests of the project "New Holland: cultural urbanization."

Special attention was paid to the sound and light solution. So on the historical arches of the ballroom appeared a mosaic of white tiles and 147 analog bulbs, which are programmed together with the rest of the light for the evening program. Speakers and subwoofers are made according to individual design.

Kirill Sergeev, known also as Kito Jempere and a member of the same name musical group, is in charge of musical and intellectual cuisine here. Kirill forms the entire musical part of the project: from background music to the importation of international artists.

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