acoustic systems

acoustic systems


Acoustic system for connoisseurs of classical forms. The vintage appearance refers to the production of Eastern European factories from the times of the Iron Curtain. The case is made of high quality larch plywood, has steel fasteners, is mounted on the wall, ceiling. Can be painted in any color in our factory.


Modular horn systems for large spaces / clubs and bars, allow you to collect elements in clusters of any configuration to solve any problem, have a high sound pressure and well-controlled dispersion. Can be painted in any color at our factory.


The speaker system is made of high-strength composite material, has 2 suspension points for ceiling or wall mounting, and can also be mounted on a microphone stand. Has a swivel mount that allows you to set any position of the system. Can be painted in any color in our factory.


Compact, 4-channel power amplifiers with built-in DSP processor, and preset parameters for all types of Alphatone speaker systems, allow you to get the best possible sound quality. The amplifiers have digital inputs AES / EBU and control via PC / MACOS interfaces.