The speaker system in the form factor of a truncated cone is made of high-quality birch plywood, has steel fasteners and a U-shaped lyre that allows you to set any vertical angle. Mounted on a wall, ceiling or microphone stand. It is possible to paint in any color at our factory.
The speaker system is made of high-strength composite material, has 2 suspension points for mounting on the ceiling or on the wall, and is also mounted on a microphone stand. It has a hinge fastener that allows you to set any location of the system. Can be painted in any color in our factory.
The systems of this series provide high sound quality and a good projection of the sound field. Modularity allows for flexible adjustments depending on specific needs and installation locations. Elements can be combined and connected in various configurations, ensuring compliance with the requirements of a particular event or venue. Modularity is a key feature of the Object series. It allows for flexible system configuration based on specific needs and installation requirements. Modules can be combined and interconnected in various configurations, ensuring a perfect match for the demands of each specific event or venue.
The Oldy series is an embodiment of elegance and nostalgia in the world of audio technology. These speakers perfectly combine classic design and modern technologies to deliver high-quality sound with a touch of the past. The systems in this series are equipped with advanced components that ensure superior sound quality. You will be able to enjoy music and sound with rich details and emotional depth.
Cell Series
The Cell series are acoustic systems designed to be integrated into the interior of a room with minimal noticeable elements. They can create a stunning acoustic atmosphere in any room, combining excellent sound with aesthetic design. The systems are designed to be easy to install and feature fastening mechanisms that ensure a secure fit into the ceiling.
Compact, 4-channel power amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor, and preset parameters for all types of Alphatone speakers, allow you to get the highest possible sound quality. The amplifiers have digital AES/EBU inputs and control via PC/MAC OS interfaces.